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Yoga, Bumps and Diving Deep

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

What. A. Week.

Five full days in the friendly home of an absolute wonder of a woman (and her doggy).

Pregnancy yoga training. It’s good to have, right? Keep your pregnant yogis safe. I’ll be honest, since I trained as a yoga teacher any time a pregnant woman walked through the doors it was like nee-naw-nee-naw, flashing lights, bells, alarms. Crap, what can I do with this woman? A crazy fear of pregnant women, which seems absolutely ridiculous but knowledge is power and I really only knew the basics so felt a fairly useless. I wanted these women to have a fulfilling practice and also feel in safe hands, so off to LushTums I trotted.

WELL. I really couldn’t have been prepared for what I found. I feel like my whole understanding of the world and life has been flipped! It’s like someone has lifted a curtain and I can see everything from a whole different view point. The insight into life, yoga, pregnancy and birth has been DEEP! The human body and mind is beyond belief and when we think we’ve got it all figured out another question crops up and down a different path of investigation we go.

Clare- mama, teacher, wonder woman.

When Clare Maddalena opened the door of her gorgeous home in Brighton she opened a space of sharing and empowerment. She shared from the heart and guided us through the most beautiful and eye opening exploration. The spiritual, deep conversations were accented by “and now here’s the why” sciencey bit. Several times I just had to sit back, take a moment and go WOAH.

Daisy- teaching assistant, cuddle provider.

Yes, I did come away with the good moves that I initially set out to find. But I also came away with something so much more important. A journey into the story of who we are and how we come onto this earth.

Regardless of whether we have carried a baby, given birth or raised children we all possess this incredible powerful energy as women. This primal strength and grace within each and every one of us. Sometimes hidden beneath the stories society has scrawled on our skin, filled our heads and damped our voices with. Beneath all of the things we think we need to be or need to achieve lies this ancient, rooted wisdom. It is not ours alone, because we are not ours alone. We are made up of every woman who has gone before us and every one who will come after in one tiny moment in time. That to me, is explosive.

As we strip away the layers and come back to that truth, then we can support each other, hold each other, rise us and step into our power.

As I simmer away in the pot of thoughts from the past week I will be studying, completing assignments, teaching, observing and practicing. Any friends who are pregnant who would like some yoga, some chill time and a good ol' chat- get in touch, I will be offering some free one to one sessions over the next three months that I would love to share with you!

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