Hello and welcome to Clár Yoga! I am a yoga teacher based in London.   


Hopping on and off the mat for years for the physical benefits, it wasn’t  until I was training as an actor that I came to discover the true depth of yoga, movement and breath. I remember rolling out my mat one day in desperation for relief from the physical and emotional exhaustion of training, breathing in child’s pose and feeling a sense of calm come over me.  I felt recharged, centred and back in my body. This was the first time I turned to yoga for more than just a stretch and ever since have been exploring the benefits of moving and breathing for the body and the mind.


Born and raised in a small town in Ireland, when I moved to London I found that city life was putting me off balance at times. Trying to forge a career in acting was also a place that could be full of uncertainty and instability.  Yoga gave me that place to ground myself.  The more I practiced, the more I wanted to bring yoga into my life, the more I wanted to share it.  I made the decision to train with Stretch in East London , where I was practising regularly and had discovered some incredible teachers who inspired me. After the first day I knew I had made one the best decisions of my life. The training opened my eyes even more to how we can bring the play, curiosity and connection we find in yoga off the mat and into everyday life.


I teach a breath led, fluid vinyasa style yoga and try to bring this sense of connection, play and exploration into my classes and create a safe place for people to reconnect, ground and come home to their bodies.